You Do Not Want to Miss These Incredible Reiki Classes Here in Los Angeles Area!

I had been conducting my research here in Los Angeles area for the best Reiki Training Classes, but had such a difficult time finding the best one that works for my learning style! I love to be hands on and really receive clear instructions and guidelines as to how to go about practicing Reiki. I did not really have to look far because I found this amazing Reiki Training Los Angeles youtube video that gave me enough information to join the class.

Check out this YouTube Video that gave me enough info to join the reiki classes!


Carlos, who I consider a Reiki Master has been practicing Reiki for such a long time. He has shown me that he truly received reiki training himself, received reiki attunement, and his teachings show that he truly possess reiki certification to teach his classes! From joining his Reiki classes, I have been more involved with practicing Reiki on a daily basis and have had amazing results with myself and others who I have practiced Reiki with. With Reiki Training Los Angeles, Reiki Training Santa Monica, and another way to consider it is Reiki Training Torrance, I have met amazing people in the group sessions called Reiki Share Meetings. In these Reiki Share Meetings, we are able to truly interact and practice on hand how to practice Reiki on ourselves as well as others!


So, you may ask what is truly in it for you, just like how I have asked myself:

  • You will find your life purpose, what are you here to do for the world.
  • Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health by healing your energy first.
  • You will feel fulfilled when you see your clients happy their energy blockages removed.
  • You will grow spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Here is another amazing video from Reiki Master, Carlos!

Now, how does that sound to you? With me having had these amazing experiences with others and myself, I feel that these reiki classes with my favorite Reiki Master, Carlos, is well worth it! Carlos teaches a variety of classes from Reiki Level 1,2,3 and Mastery Degrees, no matter what level you may be in right now, Carlos offers a variety to fit different people’s needs regarding wanting to receive reiki certification, reiki training, or just wanting to try out reiki classes for the first time.

My first reiki training sessions with Carlos were at first a bit nerve wrecking see how it was my first time actually being trained to practice Reiki on myself as well as others instead of receiving them from people, but as the class progressed, I found myself wanting more information and feeling more eager to try it out on myself as well as others.

Now that I am in Reiki Level 2 for training, I have seen an amazing outcome from clients and my own physical, mental, and emotional  health.

These people that I am able to train with are beautiful, kind-hearted people that just want to improve the lives of others around them as well as themselves. If you are interested in joining our group, you are more than welcome to join the Reiki Training Los Angeles group, Reiki Classes Torrance, or Reiki Classes Santa Monica. These are just the different terms that we use so people get a better idea of truly how local the training sessions are! Hope to see you in our next reiki classes with Carlos Caridad!

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Carlos Caridad– Reiki Master Practitioner, Teacher, Speaker, Educator

You Do Not Want to Miss These Incredible Reiki Classes Here in Los Angeles Area!